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Big Bethanie Bake Off Overview

Big Bethanie Bake OffBig Bethanie Bake Off 2016 Finalists announced

The 2016 Big Bethanie Bake Off finalists have been chosen and will be competing at the bake off at Have a Go Day on 9 November.  Congratulations and good luck!

The Seniors Finalists are:

  • Joan Edmonds
  • Marjorie Ugle
  • Melba Wallam
  • Robin Juniper

The School-aged Finalists are:

  • Jess Higgins
  • Mikayla Richardson
  • Joshua Wenz
  • Naw Bee Be

About the Competition

The Big Bethanie Bake Off is designed to engage Western Australian school students and their grandparents to take part in a cooking competition based on their “grandparent’s favourite recipe”.

Each recipe must be accompanied with a story.  The story will reflect the life of their grandparent, their culture and history, along with their multitude of experiences and the background to the recipe.

The competition will bring old and young together, and share recipes from one generation to the next.

Teachers will submit students’ recipes to the address details provided below to be in the running for a major cook off. All entries will be carefully considered by an expert panel of judges with four students chosen to compete at Have-a-Go Day on Wednesday 9th November 2016.  Here, the students and grandparents will recreate their dish in a live cook-off against other grandparents from Bethanie.

All finalists, and other interesting recipes, will be collated into a special recipe booklet which will be distributed to schools across WA, as well as at Have-a-Go Day.

This competition provides a fantastic opportunity for students to engage in an exciting event, close the inter-generational gap, showcase their culinary prowess, and for your school to win amazing prizes and acknowledgements!

Support will be solicited from local and metropolitan media, and through a public relations campaign that will promote the event, providing valuable exposure for your students and your school.

Key Dates for 2016:

  • Launching the event – 12 September, 2016
  • Closing date for entries – 12 October, 2016
  • Finalists Announces – 17 October, 2016
  • Grand Final at Have a Go Day – 9 November, 2016

>> To enter click here from September 12 >>

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