Team of Chaplains

Dedicated Team of Chaplains

Bethanie has a dedicated team of Chaplains who provide a range of counseling and spiritual care to Bethanie customers and their families.

Our Chaplains are committed to providing their services according to the Christian principles of faith, hope and love.

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Allan Murphy, Bethanie Fields

Alan has been working as a Chaplain in Aged Care for almost 10 years. He began working at the Elanora site (Bunbury) in December 2000 and continued there until the Bethanie Fields Site (Eaton) was opened in July 2004. Between July 2004 and September 2007, he worked between the both sites. He is now permanently located at the Bethanie Fields site.

Allan has been married for almost 30 years and has two adult children.He has found the provision of pastoral care to people in residential aged care to be both an extremely very rewarding as well as very challenging ministry.

His chaplain’s role is multi faceted. It can range from sitting with someone and listening to part of their life’s story through to simply visiting them in their rooms or meeting with them in a hospital setting when they’ve experienced a significant illness. Of his role he says “It can also be very challenging such as those times when I journeys with a dying resident, helping them prepare for that eventuality and giving support to their families as they come to terms with what is taking place in their loved one’s life. Sometimes I will be called upon to conduct the funeral service and to continue providing support to them until they are able to embrace their journey through grief.”

Over the past several years Allan has found himself increasingly drawn to those who suffer dementia. He says of this relationship: “Building relationships based on trust, finding ways of sharing God’s love in practical ways with these dear people and of giving support to their family members is, at times, very challenging.”

As a Chaplain Allan is available to residents, their families as well as to staff and their families. “It is a vitally important role and one that I feel very privileged to be able to provide” he says.


Sue Wilkins, Bethanie Joondanna, Bethanie on the Park & Bethanie Community Care

Sue is a wife, Mum, Nana, daughter, lover of books, the bush and camping and chaplain for the Bethanie Group. Sue has been doing chaplaincy work for about seven years and has found it to be rewarding, challenging, sometimes difficult and mostly wonderful.

“Working at Bethanie Joondanna, Bethanie on the Park and in the community has meant sharing time with people who have lived long, unique lives. The elderly folk at these two sites enjoy sharing their great wisdom and life stories and I enjoy encouraging and assisting them to remember that old does not mean being useless or purposeless and that in old age they are loved and valued by God and those around them” says Sue, “Being a Chaplain has to be the best job I’ve ever had!”


John Caporn, RiverSea, Wearne & Bethanie Community Care

John works for the Bethanie Group in the most varied of all the positions, spending different parts of my week in community and residential care.

He has been married to his wife for 33 years and has three children and seven grandchildren. “Once a week we all gather together for a meal which is a hectic event but one that brings satisfaction to all the family members and helps keep the family close” he says.

John’s first 25 years were spent ministering in Churches of Christ churches in Victoria and Western Australia. These were often in more difficult situations where an older church had begun to run down, a new church needed to be established.

The wide depth of experience that John gained journeying with people through these times was expanded by returning to study and completing his degree in Welfare Studies. After this, he worked for several years with the Uniting Church in their residential program doing case work and counselling.

“It is a pleasure to be able to work with people during their most difficult times of life. My goal is to bring comfort and a sense of God to all with whom I come into contact” he says.


Kerryn Monger, Bethanie Beachside

Kerryn is the chaplain at Bethanie Beachside and has a family of four children.

Kerryn moved to Western Australia from Victoria to work as an analyst programmer in the Pilbara. After moving to Perth, she studied theology at Vose Seminary and was called as Associate Pastor at Como Baptist Church and later as chaplain at Gracewood Village.

Kerryn is an accredited Baptist Pastor and have been a chaplain in aged care since 2003.

She sees a need for people living in residential care to feel that they belong to a community that loves and cares for them. Kerryn believes that “many people will only experience God’s love and care through the ministry of His people”.


Barry Austin, Bethanie Waters

Barry Austin has been Chaplain at Bethanie waters since June 2012, coming from a varied background in both church and secular management roles. He is an ordained Church of Christ Minister with qualifications in social science. He has a keen interest in cross cultural issues and has spent considerable time in Asia in Mission related work with children and the poor. His particular interest is in holistic ministry to people in terms of body, mind and spirit, with an emphasis on how the human mind works in times of life changing experiences. Chaplaincy is a new role for Barry, but he is enjoying the opportunity to assist residents and families as they transition through the life phases associated with Aged Care.


David van Leen, Bethanie Kingsley and Head Office

David provides chaplaincy services to Bethanie Kingsley and Head Office.

He has been involved with Pastoral ministry for many years, serving on his local pastoral care team from the age of 18 and moving into paid pastoral ministry after theological training at Kenmore Christian College in Queensland.

David has served as Senior Pastor and as Pastor for pastoral and community care for more than 10 years

David has been involved in aged care chaplaincy for approximately fifteen years and has a passion to see those within his care encouraged and supported both emotionally and spiritually.

David is married and has three children and is kept busy with his many different ‘crafty’ & ‘tasty’ hobbies.


Penny Street

Penny Street, Relief Chaplain

Penny has recently returned to working within the aged care industry. With a previous history of being an Enrolled Nurse who predominantly worked in aged and palliative care settings, Penny has been involved for many years (whilst raising a family)in pastoral care ministries within churches and visiting aged care facilities as a pastoral volunteer -running churches services and providing a pastoral presence. She has 4 girls and has been married to Gareth since 2002.

A love for God, and a love for all people, sees her being able to meet people just where they are at. Not only bringing theological training, (Dip. Min-counselling) , Penny brings  a depth that has arisen out of her own life experiences and subsequent faith journey that has helped shape and form her, to provide spiritual direction and help people find meaning and purpose in their life for life.

Her role as relief chaplain for the Bethanie group, sees her role very varied and always a learning experience as she goes into the different facilities. “The best part is just being able to be with people, respecting where they are at, but at the same time being able to offer some hope, some encouragement so the people can know they are loved and have value no matter what!


Chivaughn Brown, Relief Chaplain

Chivaughn is currently a relief chaplain primarily based at Bethanie Beachside.

Chivaughn has an employment background as a Client Liaison officer in the field of emigration and immigration in investment banking.  After 24 years in this role Chivaughn became heavily involved in his church as a leader and pastoral carer and decided to move into a more permanent Pastoral role.  Chivaughn moved to study at the Baptist College (Vose) in Perth.  Whilst studying Chivaughn has been the Families Worker at the Como Baptist Church along with being an Intern at the Perth Baptist Church.

Chivaughn likes to engage with the residents at our Bethanie sites and show they have purpose and meaning in life.


Kevin Eyre, Bethanie Peel

Kevin has been in the role of Chaplain at Bethanie Peel Mandurah for the past five years

He is married and has two teenage daughters.

Kevin is an ordained Pastor in the Australian Christian Churches organisation and has a passion to see the body of Christ rise to the fullness of their potential in God.

Kevin has a heart for the lost and consequently his passion is to reach out to the folk in the Bethanie Peel site with the life saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is done on a one to one basis and also in the corporate services that he holds weekly. He believes it is important to help people understand who they are in Christ and what has been purchased for them through the shed blood of our Lord.

Kevin holds a fortnightly men’s luncheon at Bethanie Peel to get the men together so that they are not isolated from one another. Special occasions are also celebrated, such as Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Easter, Remembrance Day and of course Christmas.

Len van Aarde

Len van Aarde, Elanora

Len has started to work as chaplain at Elanora on 10 June 2013. He and his wife, Marti, emigrated from South Africa on 18 September 2012. Their children and grandchildren emigrated 5 years ago and will become citizens of Australia in 2014.

Len was a school teacher for 23 years before he took a severance package. He felt led by the Lord to be involved with Christian mission work and joined Trans World Radio, a Christian radio mission’s organization and worked for them for 10 years. During that time he was responsible to look after 7 missionary families, some situated in Swaziland and Benin. He was also the HR Manager for the South African office. He went to Sudan on various missionary trips.

Len is a student at heart and did his theological studies while working for Trans World Radio  In 2010 he was accepted as a minister by the Baptist Union of South Africa. Len loves to work with older people. He had a special relationship with his granddad when he was a small boy. He has precious memories of their relationship.

He hopes to be a vessel of love and compassion for the residents of Elanora and want to serve the Lord in a working environment as long as possible. His heart is in ministering and caring for the spiritual needs of people!

Peter Allbury

Peter Allbury, Bethanie Illawong

Peter is an associate pastor at Scarborough Baptist Church and have completed a ministry degree at Perth Bible College.

He feels that it is a privilege to be a Chaplain providing pastoral care. “  Most times I walk away from a contact feeling as though I have been allowed a few minutes into someone’s life.”

Peter started his journey with Bethanie as a volunteer and later CPE student. He was challenged and changed by the content of the course and the practical application of the learning experience. He loves ministry opportunities where he can sit and listen, encourage and occasionally guide folk through some of the loneliest moments of life.

James photo Jan14

 James Goss, Bethanie Warwick

James was born in Perth and grew up in North Beach in the early 50’s as the second of eight children.  As a young boy he desired to become a Catholic Priest, but things didn’t work out as God had other plans.

James and his wife Margaret have three married children and five grandchildren who all live in Perth and they spend much time together.

James has been a minister for over 30 years in various roles, and is currently an ordained minister with the Southern Cross Association of Churches

For the past twenty years he has been involved with Missions into China and Mongolia and he is currently the National Director of MongoliaCare; a Charity which supports the poor and needy across the Nation of Mongolia.

James along with his sisters supported his mother who suffered with dementia for 14 years before she passed away several years ago. He had no idea at the time that he was being prepared for his future role as a hospital and Aged Care Chaplain; something he thoroughly enjoys. For relaxation James enjoys being out in the Ocean on his surf-ski.