The Importance of Spirituality


Spirituality is best described as the relationship we have with God, others and ourselves. These relationships are nurtured, experienced and expressed in different ways and help us to find ultimate meaning in life.

When one or more of these relationships are broken, we may experience spiritual distress. Our chaplaincy team provides spiritual care to residents, clients, family and staff.

Some of the spiritual activities and services we offer are:

  • Inter-denominational chaplain’s services,
  • Sunday services,
  • Services at Christmas,
  • Thanksgiving services,
  • Easter services,
  • ANZAC Day services, and
  • Remembrance Day services.

We also do Memorial Services, Bible Studies, One-on-one resident spiritual support, group discussions, hospital visits and funerals on request when possible.We are committed to ongoing professional development to ensure that our services meet the highest standards.