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If you’re feeling lost, or if you are unsure what service you need, or what part of this website to visit, we can help. Below you’ll find a brief outline of each of the services we offer, which should help you find the right area of the website.

If you still want some help, please call our friendly team on 131 151.

Retirement Villages

If you’re looking to downsize, become part of a community of other seniors, and enjoy superb amenities in a safe and happy environment, Retirement Villages may be for you.

We offer retirement villages and independent living units. Visit these pages if you’re keen to live independently or at a resort village with amenities and services available to you.

Affordable seniors housing

If you’re on the Western Australian State Government Joint Wait List for community housing, or you think you are eligible, you may be interested in Bethanie Housing.  Find out how to apply here.

At home community care

If you are looking for friendly and professional care services delivered to your home, we offer a variety of services including:

Activities with other Seniors

If you’re looking for a great day out, to meet new people and learn new things, Bethanie has fun and engaging Social Centres (you may hear people call these Adult Day Centres) across PerthGerladtonBunbury and Eaton. You’ll love the environment, activity and social contentedness. Join us today!

Therapy Services

Behtnaie offers therapy services in Menora and Bunbury. You can join social therapy classes, meet new people or have individual treatment.

Find out more here.

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What do all the acronyms mean?

Aged Care is full of acronyms we know it’s confusing. If you want to know the difference between some of the acronyms, such as HACC, Level 2, Level 4, CHSP or any other aged care terms, click here.