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Dementia under the spotlight
July 10, 2017

Michelle Harris talks to Chris at 6PR about the current issues around Dementia [playlist... More >

Althea Gordon
September 5, 2016

Creative ways to... More >

Podcast – Sharon Beer
September 1, 2016

Sharon Beer speaks to Michelle Harris about Family... More >

Podcast – Dr Andrew Robinson

Michelle Harris speaks to Dr. Robinson about the MOOC at the University of Tasmania and the work he is doing in building awareness about... More >

Podcast – Truth or Lies?

Michelle Harris discusses when confronted with people whose reality is different to ours, how do we communicate to give them wellbeing and less... More >

Podcast – Promoting Wellbeing

People living with Dementia deserve the same Human Rights and opportunities as everyone else in the community. If we provide people living with Dementia quality of life,... More >

Podcast – Laurette LeCras

Laurette LeCras has built Bethanie's volunteer workforce to over 750 dedicated people. These people support our Dementia clients. Learn more... More >

Podcast – Kary Murray and Felicity Beaulieu

Bethanie Community Services provide person-centred care. Lets explore what this means for people living with a diagnosis of Dementia and their... More >

Podcast – Julie Goyder

For Dementia Awareness Month 2016, Michelle Harris speaks to Julie Goyder about loving someone who has Dementia and the value of... More >

Podcast – Dr. Andrew Stafford

Dr Andrew Stafford speaks to Michelle Harris about medications... More >