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Bethanie has teamed up with HBF to offer a Health Support Program to certain HBF members. The Health Support Program involves a Bethanie Health Coach meeting you to establish an individualized Health Support Plan. The Health Support Plan outlines your health goals and the actions required to achieve them.  The Health Coach will then support you to follow your plan and achieve your goals.

What support could I receive?

There are four levels within the program.  The Health Coach will support you via a range of activities, depending on your individual requirements, including:

  • Face to face visits with you;
  • Phone support and contact at times that suit you;
  • Review of your existing health conditions and services, including liaison with your health practitioners;
  • Educational information regarding your health;
  • Links to community health programs and services near you.

What are the benefits of the program?

• More control over managing your health;
• Treatment(s) that are more coordinated /successful;
• Having a better quality of life;
• Having less hospital visits;
• Support in achieving your health goals;
• Being more satisfied with your health and wellbeing.

What is my role in the Health Support Program?

The program aims to support you in self managing your health. Research shows the best way to self-manage health conditions is to develop goals around:
• Understanding your health condition;
• Managing symptoms and your overall health;
• Using medications and other treatment options;
• Living a healthy lifestyle;
• Managing social and emotional effects of your health condition;
• Being involved with a GP and other health services.

Supported by your Health Coach and other health professionals, you will commit to following through on the realistic health goals that you have set out in your Health Support Plan.

Is my GP involved in the program?

Absolutely! Your Health Coach will liaise with your GP to ensure that your Health Support Plan is appropriate for you and addresses your treatment.
Your GP will receive copies of the Health Support Plan and will have the opportunity to input into the plan.

How can I get further information?

Please contact the Bethanie Health Support Program contact line on 1300 55 11 13 .


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