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Policy Overview

Why this policy is important

This policy documents Bethanie Group Inc and Bethanie Housing Limited’s (collectively referred to as ‘Bethanie’) commitment to a safe trusting environment for all employees, volunteers, contractors, officers and other stakeholders, where concerns can be raised regarding actual or suspected contravention without fear of reprisal.

The policy is designed to assist all in deciding whether to make a report and how to make the report through the following sections:

  1. Are you an Eligible Whistleblower?
  2. What is a reportable matter?
  3. How do you make a report?
  4. How the matter be investigated?
  5. Protection and Support.

When this policy applies

The policy applies in any situation where eligible Whistleblowers believe, on reasonable ground, that genuine matters or behaviours contravene Bethanie’s Code of Conduct, practices, or the law.

Who must use this policy

All personnel classified as an eligible Whistleblower are required to understand and adhere to this policy.

Who to ask for more information


Bethanie has a Code of Conduct based on its signature behaviours and general practices, which have been developed to ensure high standards of conduct, clinical care, and ethical behaviour in all activities.

All employees are encouraged to report any genuine matters or behaviours that they have reasonable grounds to believe or know contravene Bethanie’s Code of Conduct, practices, or the law.

This policy protects those who have reasonable grounds to suspect or are aware that the information disclosed about the organisation, its employees or officers is in regard to:

Policy Statement

Bethanie is committed to:

Are you an Eligible Whistleblower

Eligible Whistleblowers are all personnel who happen to be a/an:

What is a reportable matter

For the purposes of making a report under this policy, any of the following matters may be included, whether actual or suspected:

In the event of a concern about a workplace grievance, which does not relate to one of the matters outlined above, refer to Grievance Resolution Policy.

How do you make a report

This section clarifies roles and responsibilities under this policy. Any matter or behaviour that contravenes Bethanie’s Code of Conduct, practices, or the law, should be reported to an immediate supervisor or manager.

Alternatively, matters can be raised directly with any member of the Executive Management Team (provided they are not a suspected party to the reportable matter):

If the concern relates to the conduct of the Chief Executive Officer or any other matter, then it can be raised directly with the Chair of the Audit & Risk Management Committee and/or the Board Chair via email: The email will be automatically forwarded to those parties. Matters can also be raised directly via post with the envelope to be marked ‘Private and Confidential’ and addressed to the Board Chair and/or Audit & Risk Management Committee Chair, Bethanie, PO Box 143, Northbridge WA 6865.

This is not an exhaustive list and matters can be reported to anyone identified in the legislation, Part 9.4AAA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

How the matter will be investigated

The individual to whom the Whistleblower makes a report to will identify an investigating officer. While the unique circumstances of the report may require different investigation steps the investigation process will:

The process will also allow fair treatment of any individuals who are the subject of a report.

Bethanie will notify the Whistleblower once an investigation is complete but may not be able to disclose the particular details or the outcome of the investigation.

Protection and Support

Bethanie is committed to taking all reasonable steps to protect all Whistleblowers from detriment because of making a report that is in line with this policy. Part 9.4AAA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) provides protection for Whistleblowers, including provisions to prevent victimisation for anyone making a report in good faith. A report maybe made confidentially, and all steps will be taken to protect confidentiality to the extent permitted by law.

The aim of the policy and supporting procedures is to create an environment of trust, where all personnel are able to report an issue, which they genuinely believe on reasonable grounds has contravened Bethanie’s Code of Conduct, policies or the law. It provides guidance on how any reported misconduct or unethical behaviour will be identified and dealt with. In addition, employees and their immediate family members may access confidential support through Bethanie’s Employee Assistance Program.


This policy will be implemented in line with the above commitments and roles and responsibilities. A breach of this policy may, in some circumstances, result in disciplinary action.

If possible and appropriate, whistleblower reports received will receive feedback. The organisation commits to protecting the confidentiality of Whistleblowers to the extent permitted by Law.

This policy will be made available to stakeholders on the Bethanie website and communicated at least annually to staff.

This policy does not exhaustively set out all of the protections afforded to Whistleblowers under legislation, nor all of the circumstances in which a person will receive those protections. Please refer to the relevant legislation for more information, such as Part 9.4AAA of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Last updated: 23 November 2021

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