Getting to know cdc

Getting to know CDC

CDCConsumer Directed Care means a focus on your well being – meeting your social, care and support needs in new, innovative and creative ways. Throughout the next year, Bethanie staff will work with you to ensure that you are receiving the services required within the budget allocated by the Government for your care. 

What is CDC?

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) empowers you to have greater control by allowing you to make choices about the types of care services you access and the way those services are delivered. The Government requires that Home Care Packages (Levels 1 – 4) are delivered using a CDC approach. Packages at Bethanie give you access to a diverse and exciting range of services to meet your needs.

How does it impact me?

If you are assessed by ACAT as eligible to receive a Home Care Package Level 1 – 4 (or what were previously known as CACP, EACH and EACH-D), you access these services through a provider such as Bethanie. Once you have an ACAT assessment, you can contact Bethanie directly on 131 151 to begin to arrange your care.

How does the funding work?

The care team will work with you to develop an understanding of the services you require.  These services will then be entered into a CDC budget, so that you understand what your allocated funding is being used to purchase.

For more details:

Contact the Bethanie Connect Team on 131 151  or email or download the Bethanie Getting to know CDC flyer.