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Home Care Packages

Aged In-Home Care Services for Perth & Regional WA

Flexible home care packages for the elderly

When you or a loved one need more to support your independence at home, we can provide a wide range of personalised home care specifically designed to deliver the care, products and services you choose.

With our in home care services available for elderly residents in Perth and regional WA, you will have access to a Bethanie Case Manager who will work in partnership with you and your care team to ensure you are satisfied with the quality and level of products and services you are receiving from Bethanie.

Some examples of how you can use our home care services to achieve your goals and live well, safe and independently at home include:

  • Domestic services including cleaning, ironing and housework to help you continue to live comfortably at home
  • Mobility and transport assistance to help you get out and about within the community safely and reliably.
  • Nursing care such as wound care, medication assistance, incontinence advice and diabetes management to give you peace of mind knowing this will be done with dedicated and careful planning in consultation with you and your family.
  • Allied health services such as occupational therapy and physiotherapy, including services such as home modifications, exercise programmes or pain management to maintain and promote your general well-being and independent living.
  • Companionship such as accompanying you to a movie, the local coffee shop or for a walk in the local park to keep you social and engaged.
  • Bethanie also offers in home care services, support and assistance for those living at home with dementia.

Home Care Package Costs

If you need to pay towards the cost of your Home Care package in Perth, there are two types of costs determined by the Department of Human Services:

A Basic Daily Fee
The maximum basic fee is 17.5% of the single basic aged pension. If you take up a Home Care Package you may be required to contribute to the cost of your care depending on your assigned care package level.

Income-tested Care Fee
Depending on your income, you may be required to contribute more to the cost of care depending on your assigned care package level. The Income-tested Care Fee is calculated by the Department of Human Services based on information provided in the Aged Care Fees Income Assessment Form. The rate is revised by the government quarterly.

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If you would like to know more about home care costs, including our in-home care packages available for elderly residents in Perth & regional WA, enquire online using the button below, call us on 131 151 or email Our friendly staff are available to help you with your enquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Experiencing financial hardship?

Financial Hardship Assistance is available for those who have difficulty affording the Home Care package fees. To receive financial hardship assistance, you will need to complete and lodge an Application for Financial Hardship Assistance Form with the Department of Human Services.

How does the home care package funding work in WA?

Some care is funded (or subsidised) by the Commonwealth Government (including Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Veterans Home Care Programme). Some home care services in WA are offered privately on a fee-for-fee service basis. Bethanie delivers all levels of home care packages (Level 1-4).

We have outlined the process of accessing a home care package below. Whilst it may seem complicated, our team will ensure you receive expert advice and the best level of support, appropriate funding or referrals you need.

  • Contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to discuss your need for services. This discussion will trigger an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) review.
  • After your ACAT assessment, you’ll receive a letter that indicates what level of care is recommended.
  • You’ll then be placed in a National Queue to await your funding allocation which may take a number of months.
  • Upon approaching the top of the queue, you will receive a letter advising that your package will be assigned in 3 months and confirming your package details.
  • You’ll receive a letter in the mail when your package has been assigned which contains a referral code that allows you to access services. It is important that you look out for this letter and action it as soon as possible, as the allocation does expire after 56 days.
  • Simply call 131 151 for Bethanie to support you with activating your package.

If you have approval or have been allocated a Home Care package (Level 1-4), you can access these services through Bethanie. Please call us on 131 151 or email Our friendly staff are available to help you with your enquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Extra services and support

We also offer a suite of home support services throughout Perth and regional WA, and care assistance outside of the funded care packages. These extra services are offered at an affordable fee for service price. If you are waiting for or are not eligible for a Home Care package, please call us on 131 151 or email Our friendly staff are available to help you with your enquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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