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Aged Care Glossary

Bethanie GlossaryThe following are some of the acronyms that are used within the aged care industry. To assist in clarifying their meanings, we’ve listed them along with a brief description.

Aged Care and Community Care Terms

ACAT: Aged Care Assessment Team: are teams of government-funded health care professionals who assess your care needs and help you access specific care services. To find out more about how to obtain an ACAT please contact us.

ACAR: Aged Care Assessment Record. To find out more about how to obtain an ACAR please contact us.

Level 2 (formerly CACP): Community Aged Care Packages: CACPs are designed to provide a range of support services that will assist you to be as independent as possible in your own home.

Level 4 (formerly EACH and EACH-D):  Extended Aged Care at Home (General): These packages are individually planned and coordinated by health professionals and are designed for a  higher level of care need to support older Australians to remain living at home.

CHSP: Commonwealth Home Support Program and Employed Carers Program: This Commonwealth funded program provides a flexible model of respite care options with the aim of supporting and maintaining caring relationships between Carers (working, not working, registered unemployed who have substantiated return to work plan, studying or training) and dependent family members and friends.

DVA: Community Nursing: This community nursing service is funded by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to provide clinical and care services to veterans and their spouses. The aim of the program is to assist you to remain living in your home for as long as possible.

Day Therapy Services: Day Therapy Services provides short to long term individual and group therapy to older people as assessed and coordinated by allied health professionals.

VHC: Veteran’s Home Care: Veterans’ Home Care is a service funded by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to provide services to veterans and their spouses.  This is an entry-level community program that  is designed to assist you to remain living in your own home for as long as possible.

Common Retirement Village Terms

Code (in a Village context): Code of Fair Practice for Retirement Villages.

DMF: Deferred Management Fund.

ILU: Independent Living Unit (or a Village home).

MRF: Maintenance Reserve Fund.

R&M: Repairs and Maintenance.

RLA: Residency Lease Agreement.