Customer Service Charter

Bethanie Housing – Customer Service Charter

We are committed to the continuous improvement of quality aged care services, to improve not only the quality of life and care of our seniors but to meet the changing needs and expectations of future generations.

Who we are and what we do

Bethanie Housing Ltd is the housing arm of the Bethanie Group. Bethanie Housing is a duly registered community housing provider operating in Western Australia.  We provide housing services for over 55s in a variety of locations including:

  • Bethanie Perth Metropolitan – offers villas and apartments throughout the metro area
  • Bethanie Peel in Coodanup offers apartments
  • Bethanie Dalyellup offers apartments

To access Bethanie Housing policies applicable to Community Housing Tenants, click here

Housing and Amenities Standards

Housing units will be maintained in a lettable standard. The lettable standard implies, among other things, that:

  • appliances are clean, installed and certified by a registered gas or electrical contractor as applicable.
  • basins, sinks and baths are securely installed, their surroundings are waterproofed, and no evidence of leaking.
  • ceilings must be free from sagging, tilting, bulging, or holes (other than minor indentations).
  • all sewerage and water connections are in good working order, free from leaks and blockages.
  • buildings are earthed as per relevant Australian Standards
  • doors open freely, with locks functional and able to secure the building in compliance with RTA Regulations
  • electrical services, including power points, light fittings, wiring, switchboards and appliances are in safe working order
  • compliant smoke alarms and residual current devices are installed and functional

Note: a copy of Bethanie Housing LTD Lettable Standards brochure is available on request


Communication Standards

When you call our contact centre or visit our office we will:

  • answer the phone promptly, greet you and let you know if there may be service delays.
  • keep waiting time to a minimum.
  • treat you with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • listen to you carefully and fully consider your concerns;
  • help you with accurate information on our products and services;
  • ensure you understand documents and forms;
  • try to solve your problem ourselves or refer you quickly to someone who can.
  • call you back if we cannot resolve your query promptly.

When you write to us we will:

  • reply to you promptly by phone or letter depending on your request;
  • Invite you to contact us again if we can’t solve your problem completely;

How you can help us:

  • Treat us with respect and courtesy – we will do our best for you
  • Give us feedback on our service.

Note: If you don’t agree with the actions of one of our employees; we will help you access the complaints and review process.


Complaints Management Standards

  • Accessibility standard: complaints-related documentation, including the pamphlet in Appendix 1 to this policy, the Bethanie Housing Ethics and Conduct Charter, relevant policies and procedures must be made available to clients and recognised advocates in paper and electronic format. While the pamphlet form is preferred, complaints must be accepted in other forms should the complainant so prefers.
  • Assistance standard: employees must be prepared to provide assistance to any client or advocate wishing to assemble and lodge a complaint, with particular attention given to complainants with a disability and/or limited English language capabilities.
  • Flexibility of lodgement standard: complaints must be accepted for submission:
    • in person to a Bethanie Tenancy Manager; or
    • dropped in a Suggestion Box available at all Bethanie Sites; or
    • communicated by phone, or letter/email sent to the Tenancy Manager;
    • if the complaint relates to a Tenancy Manager, communicated to the Manager Housing by phone, or in writing by letter/email;
    • if the complaint relates to the Manager of Housing; sent to the Bethanie Chief Operating Officer Community by post or email;
    • if the complaint relates to the Bethanie Chief Operating Officer Community, to the CEO Bethanie;
    • if the complaint relates to the CEO Bethanie, to the concerned external authority, eg Department of Commerce, or by way of appeal to the Magistrates Court in case of termination of residential tenancy agreement etc.
  • Confidentiality standard: As far as possible, the details of any complaint or review must remain confidential amongst staff directly concerned with its resolution. Permission should be obtained prior to any information being given to other parties which may be desirable to be involved in order to satisfactorily resolve the complaint.
  • When we receive your feedback, we will:
    • Acknowledge your feedback verbally or by email
    • Explain the process that we will follow if your feedback is a complaint
    • Investigate your concerns and keep you informed on our progress
    • Respond to you within three working days
    • We will notify you immediately if for any reason there is a delay in our response.
  • If the issue is not resolved in 8 weeks, the complaint or appeal is automatically escalated to Bethanie Chief Operating Officer Community.


Note: If you believe that we failed to provide a satisfactory resolution, we will advise you of the services you can access eg the Aged Care Complaints Scheme and Advocare.


Feedback – compliments, complaints, suggestions

Your feedback is important

We would love to hear what you think of Bethanie – the positive, the negative and anything in between. We value and appreciate your feedback and view it as an opportunity to improve our customer experience.

If your situation is an emergency and requires an immediate response, please call 000.

Will my privacy be protected?

Your contact details and feedback will remain strictly confidential. We will seek permission from you before approaching any other parties who may need to become involved, in order to satisfactorily resolve the situation. For more information, please click on the link to our privacy statement.

How can I provide feedback?

Feedback can be made in person, in writing or over the phone.

  • Complete the online feedback form below
  • Call us on 131 151 anytime
  • Email
  • Mail to PO Box 143, Northbridge WA 6865


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our feedback process, please click on the link to Frequently Asked Questions.