bethanie home care assistance housing


Eligibility for CRA

Affordable housing at Bethanie is subsidised by Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) and is available to over-55s on a low income and those receiving a government pension.

Income limits and asset limits to apply and rent is calculated based on income.

How do I Apply?

Your first step is to visit and check your eligibility. Once there, you can access application forms. All applications will be answered by Department of Housing (DOH) and once your eligibility is confirmed, your name will be placed on the Joint Wait List. This list is managed by the Community Housing providers, and DOH.

What next?

All Community Housing Providers can make an offer of accommodation from the Joint Wait List.

When a property is available at Bethanie, our friendly Property Management Team will contact you to discuss rental options and they will assist you with all the necessary paperwork.

For more details, call us today on 131 151.