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Bethanie Illawong Residents Glamour Photo Shoot

Jun 6,2017

Bethanie Illawong organised a Glamour photo shoot for Bethanie residents to promote inner positivity and self worth. The idea came about from the abundance of beautiful photos of residents back from when they were young in their rooms, however there were none of them currently.

Bethanie Illawong care staff, volunteers and hairdresser spent the morning adding a bit of ‘glam’ to the residents, adding some scarves for colour when needed. It ended up being a highly anticipated day with a lot of excitement and even generated interest from visitors and gentlemen at the Facility – one of the residents was an Olympian in Britain and had a photo taken in his Olympic blazer.


Kat from Pounce Photography was sourced for the day, setting up a background for the images using the Illawong books and chairs. With her easy-going approach and taking into account some of the residents’ illnesses and reluctance to get in front of the camera, Kat got some great shots varying from great big smiles to more pensive images being deep in thought as well as some images of a married couple at the Facility.


Residents received the proof of images and picked the one they wanted framed – which resulted in great appreciation, not just from the residents themselves but from their families, with many requesting copies of the photos.

“It was a great initiative to promote self worth and positivity for the residents.” Facility Manager of Illawong, Barbara Walton said “The day was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved and the images turned out beautifully. Kat was fantastic to work with.”

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