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Bethanie Wellness Centres

Our Residential Aged Care Wellness Clinics are designed to be calm relaxing spaces. Here, our residents can have their pain and discomfort adequately addressed and treated by Allied Health Professionals (Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists) four times per week.

We offer treatment modalities including heat/cold therapy, massage, ultrasound, TENs, Paraffin Wax, exercise and education. These clinics also bring our residents together in a pleasant social environment, where they can chat with staff and other residents, as well as receiving 1:1 time with the therapists.

This service is available to eligible residents only (this is dependent on a number of factors – you can find out more by speaking with the site physiotherapist or Site Manager).

Residents undergo a thorough assessment, with identification of appropriate treatment areas and modalities. All residents are closely monitored, and the treatment continuously adapted to achieve the best results.

Open days and times differ across the sites.  To find out more, call us on 131 151.