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Social Centres – Overview

You’re among friends at our Social Centres

Are you looking for a local community place where you can connect with people in a safe, friendly and supportive environment? Would you like to improve your physical and emotional wellbeing so can you can continue to enjoy living at home? Then one of our Bethanie Social Centres might just be what you’ve being looking for.

Focussing on your individual interests, our Social Centres offer a range of both in-centre activities and community excursions. You can learn new skills or renew interest in past hobbies and recreational activities such as gardening, cooking, music, art and computer skills. We provide guest speakers, health and wellbeing activities, physical activity and dementia friendly activities, and our community excursions go to places you want to visit. We aim for each person to have a sense of connection and purpose during their visits.

If you are caring for someone, we offer support to both you and your loved one, to have some meaningful time, activity and enjoyable engagement with others. We openly welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures.

To ensure your day out is care-free and complete, we provide transport to and from the Social Centre from the local area, as well as meals and refreshments.

We can arrange a free ‘morning tea, come and see’ to find out what our Social Centres can offer you.

Need more information on Bethanie Social Centres?

If you’re over 55 and would like information on a Social Centre near you or a loved one, please send us an email using the below form or call 131 151 anytime. Our friendly staff are available to help you with your enquiry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.