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From Human Resources professional to Bethanie Chaplain, Cheryl Finestone has always cared for the Bethanie community.

Chat with a Chaplain

We are pleased to introduce you all to Cheryl Finestone. After being part of the Bethanie community for a number of years, Cheryl was inspired to do more for the residents Bethanie cares for.

What inspired you to change careers and become a Chaplain?

Before becoming part of the Chaplaincy Team, I worked as part of the Human Resources team for three years with Bethanie. While I enjoyed being part of the team at head office, I was always keen to have more direct involvement with the residents that we care for. This prompted me to seek more information and eventually transition into the Bethanie Chaplaincy team. My new role has opened so many wonderful opportunities to share the love of God directly with residents, their families and staff on site.

What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your new role?

I love being able to offer comfort to someone who needs it, no matter how small that comfort may be. Also, to be given the opportunity to work with a team who truly care about resident wellbeing is another extremely rewarding element of the role.

What piece of advice do you find yourself offering to your clients most frequently?

You don’t need to do hard things in your own strength. You need to rely on God.

Is there any particular story or experience that has made you realise the impact of your work?

Recently, we had some of our lovely residents pass away. They were husband and wife and passed away within a short time of each other. We held a joint funeral for them, as that is what they would have wanted. At the funeral, the Facility Manager, a few care workers and myself sat towards the back of the Church. A family member approached us and asked us to join them at the front as they considered the Bethanie staff to be part of the family – which we did so with honour. It was such a privilege to walk beside the family during such a difficult time in their lives. It was nice to know that our role in that residents life was meaningful and appreciated.

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