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“Our mission is to treat residents with respect and dignity, making sure they feel safe and supported,” Jackie Stergiou, Bethanie Subiaco Enrolled Nurse

We recently marked one year since the former Berrington Como and Subiaco homes became part of the Bethanie community. Over the past year, we have spent time getting to know our wonderful new staff and residents.

Here we find out more about our dedicated enrolled nurse at Bethanie Subiaco, Jackie.

A chance work placement at an aged care home in high school has led Jackie to a 28 year long career in aged care, dedicated to nurturing and caring for her residents.

“I had shown interest in becoming a nurse and so I was placed in an aged care home for a work placement when I was in high school in New Zealand and I’ve been in aged care ever since,” Jackie said.

“I’ve always liked nurturing and found I really enjoyed working in aged care. I really respect older people and the life experiences residents have. They’re always happy to have a chat and give you advice and I think my experience working in aged care has really sculpted my life.”

While Jackie started out as a carer, she’s now been an enrolled nurse for the last 12 years and works with the registered nurses and carers to put together overall care plans and perform clinical duties including medication rounds, wound care and patient care.

The staff at Bethanie Subiaco take a team-based approach to caring for residents. A Care Team consisting of a clinical nurse manager, allied health, registered nurses, enrolled nurses and carers regularly get together to assess residents needs.

“Our mission is to treat residents with respect and dignity, making sure they feel safe and supported,” Jackie said. “We have a duty of care to make sure that their needs are met and they feel respected.”

The Care Team works with the residents and their families to put together a person-centred care plan, taking into account any medical conditions, any medications residents are on, what their likes and dislikes are, if they have any allergies and so on to get a full picture of what it’s like to care for them. The care plan is then put into place with everyone working together to make sure all the resident’s needs are met.

“When you’re passionate about your job, it shows,” Jackie said. “You have to be able to give 110 percent.”

“I love the rapport that you build with residents that come through the door. Sometimes you're looking after a resident for a few years and so you also build rapport with the whole family. You get to know the family members, how many grandchildren they have, they share their memories and stories with you and you learn about what makes them who they are.”

In particular, Jackie says she’s come to appreciate providing hospice and palliative care as a special journey of its own.

“It’s my privilege as an enrolled nurse, to be able to help residents and families through a tough time,” Jackie said. “It’s what is familiar to us as nurses, but for family members they are often experiencing vulnerability for the first time.

“To provide good quality care it has to feel natural and effortless especially when we support and nurture not just our residents but the family members as well.”

“If you can be there for them, the journey becomes easier for the families. They actually feel like you become a part of their family as well and the reward is a family member coming up to you to say thank you so much for what you’ve done.”

Jackie says residents can be assured staff are there to provide the best care and meet residents needs so they can live the life they choose with respect and dignity.

“I approach caring for residents with kindness and compassion and make sure they feel supported,” she said. “There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to be there for residents to care for them.”

Read more about Bethanie Subiaco or call 131 151 for more information.

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