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Three generations find home at Bethanie Geneff

It can be rare to find an entire family living at the same retirement village, let alone three generations, but this is exactly the case for the Oldfield family who collectively, have lived at Bethanie Geneff in Innaloo for more than three decades.

Judy Oldfield was the first to make the move to Bethanie Geneff Retirement Village approximately 13 years ago, followed by her sister-in-law, Coral.

“I moved here after I lost my husband and we got rid of our unit. I’ve pretty much just followed Judy around,” Coral said.

Judy’s eldest daughter, Sue, moved to Bethanie Geneff Retirement Village 11 years ago to care for her parents.

The last to make the transition to the Village was Coral’s older sister, Freda.

Judy, now 88 years old, said it was an easy decision to move to the homely, Mediterranean-style villas.

“I was quite comfortable to move to Geneff. I thought it was the best thing to do when my husband was sick because I didn’t drive,” Judy said.

“I chose Geneff because mum and dad used to live in the area and they knew lots of people around here.”

It comes as no surprise that the Oldfield women now live in the same place given that they all grew up with each other in Osborne Park and have formed a close bond.

“We’ve known Judy since she was about nine years old because we all went to primary school together,” Coral said.

Another factor for the Oldfield women moving to Bethanie Geneff was the secure location and inclusive resident community.

“I love living here because I feel that we are very well looked after,” Coral said.

“There is plenty of entertainment and I particularly love the bus trips.”

Sue also loves the ability to see her extended family whenever she wants.

“I love having my family close by as I am a very family-oriented person,” Sue said.

Their advice for a tight-knit family is to stay in touch.

“We’ve always lived in the same area and we had children at the same time as well,” Judy said.

“We connected with football clubs and were always with family and had functions.”

Visit Bethanie villages to find out how you and your family can make Bethanie Geneff your next home.

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