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“We're looking out for each part of your well-being when you're with us”

We recently marked one year since the former Berrington Como and Subiaco homes became part of the Bethanie community. Over the past year, we have spent time getting to know our wonderful new staff and residents.

Here we find out more about our passionate physiotherapist at Bethanie Como, Louis.

As a physiotherapist at Bethanie Como, Louis’ main priority is to work with the Therapy Services Team to maximise opportunity for residents’ health and wellness.

“We take a very positive approach to care that is geared to your lifestyle and goals,” Louis said. “Our approach aims to facilitate what we can and make opportunities available for the residents.”

“Each resident is so different and that’s why we have what we call resident-centred care. It’s a partnership and a collaboration between what the clinicians suggests and what the resident goals are and how we can accommodate both to maximise better health outcomes.”

A big part of Louis’ role involves formulating therapy plans while teaching residents about the benefits of participating in individualised activity or gym programmes.

Louis explains, “My approach and drive comes from a preventative health perspective, to provide as much opportunity for residents to take part in exercise and physiotherapy programmes in the Therapy Gym and Wellness Centre, but also the other lifestyle programmes because we can combine physical activities with cognitive activities which simulates more real life scenarios.”

“Things like motivational speaking, mindfulness, games, indoor and outdoor experiences and exercise are different techniques that we can combine to provide a holistic health and wellness programme.”

“We further facilitate mobility so that participation in activities can be better. Getting residents to that point is as a big thing, because once they achieve these results, they gain an internal drive to be the masters of their own health and that’s so fundamental to living well.”

The Therapy Services team work together to make sure the overall experience at Bethanie is fulfilling and rewarding. Care is taken to ensure residents can participate in outdoor activities such as Sunshine Club, where residents spend time in the beautiful landscaped gardens, feeding the koi fish, enjoying morning tea and going on outdoor walks.

At Bethanie Como, residents can also enjoy meals on the balcony to soak in some sunshine or participate in a very popular weekly happy hour where families come together to socialise and spend time with loved ones.

“Seeing residents living life to the fullest and taking part in all the activities they want to after going through rehabilitation is really motivating,” Louis said. “That’s what encourages me to continue the work I do, because I see the outcomes for residents where they get back to what they want to do in their life.”

As a long-time community volunteer, Louis was driven to a career in physiotherapy as he wanted a hands-on role where he could continue to make a positive impact. A big inspiration for him is working with his colleagues who are motivated by the same desire to do the best for each resident.

“From the leadership team to the care staff to the cleaners, everyone goes above and beyond for the residents,” Louis said. “It’s really about creating an atmosphere of when you’re at Bethanie, you are with friends, and we're looking out for each part of your well-being when you're with us.”

“It's really inspiring to do the work and it's even more inspiring to work with people that are just as dedicated.”

Read more about Bethanie Como or call 131 151 for more information.

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