At the heart of Bethanie’s Volunteering Community

Publish date: 20 May 2024




In the routine of Bethanie's daily operations, our volunteers stand out, embodying our Mission values through their meaningful connection with the community. In National Volunteer Week, we acknowledge the valuable contributions of these individuals and the community spirit that unites us.

Our volunteers directly support our residents, clients and tenants in various roles, from assisting with walking groups, sharing a game of cards, and providing entertainment. They are an important part of our team and extend throughout our entire community, including Aged Care Homes, Retirement Villages, Community and Home Care, and Social Housing.

For those interested in becoming a Bethanie volunteer, there are a few logistics to know.  Volunteers can commit to various timeframes, from short visits to longer responsibilities each week, depending on their availability and interests.  

Beyond skills and schedules, qualities like flexibility, adaptability, and patience are also valued. Commitment is also key in joining our volunteer community.  But most importantly, it's the willingness to approach volunteering with openness and curiosity that fosters genuine connections.

If you have these qualities and want to make a meaningful difference, the process to join us is straightforward. Opportunities are available through our online portal Seek Volunteer , or by speaking with our team directly. Roles vary from group activities to one-on-one engagements, catering to different interests and availability.

A big thank you to all of our 260+ volunteers, who bring dedication and compassion to Bethanie every day. 

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