Costs and Funding

Costs and Funding

Understanding the different costs and fees associated with aged care can be challenging. You’ll find some explanations here.

Types of fees

How much you pay depends on your individual circumstances. In most cases the majority of the cost is covered by the Commonwealth Government.

This is a daily payment which is not refundable.This is when you pay the full amount yourself.

All residents living in our aged-care facilities are required to pay a daily care fee. The maximum daily care fee equates to 85% of the basic single age pension. The rate increases on 20 March and 20 September each year in line with changes to the Age Pension.

Depending on your assets and income, some permanent residents may be required to pay an additional contribution towards the cost of their care. This amount is calculated by the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veteran Affairs and is derived from the data you provide on the Department of Human Services Income and Assets Assessment form.

The rate is revised by the government every quarter and payment is made directly to Bethanie. There are annual and lifetime caps limits applied to this care fee. Once the limits are reached, you are not required to pay any more means-tested fee.

Some of our aged care homes will charge Extra service or Additional service fees. These fees cover services such as access to hairdressers, specialised menus, higher quality linen or access to paid TV services, depending on the specific site or location.

Extra service and additional service fees are not subsidised by the government.

Speak to our team  about what extra or additional services are charged at specific sites.

What is a RAD / DAP accommodation payment?

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may need to make an Accommodation payment. There are three options available to pay for your accommodation costs:

  1. Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
    This is a lump sum payment that is fully refundable when the room is vacated. If this option is selected, the client must be left with a minimum of $58,500 in assets.
  2. Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)
    This is a daily payment which is not refundable.
  3. Combined RAD and DAP payment
    This gives you the option to pay part lump sum payment and part daily payment.

RADs and DAPs for each Bethanie Aged Care Home can be found on their location pages

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Financial Hardship Assistance

Financial Hardship Assistance is available if you have difficulty paying fees for residential care. To apply, simply complete and lodge the Department of Human Services Application for financial hardship assistance form.

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