Costs and Fees

If you are eligible for the Commonwealth Home Support Program or a Home Care Package, the government will subsidise the cost of your care. This makes it more affordable for you. If you do not receive Government funding, you can still choose to pay for services privately. Bethanie delivers all levels of home care packages (Level 1-4) 

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) out of pocket charges

Bethanie charges you $13/hour (or part thereof) for your CHSP services, delivered to your home.  We charge $22/day to attend our Social Centres plus the cost of lunch ($13 at the centre, or as required on an outing). The government subsides the remainder of your costs. If you are experiencing hardship we would encourage you to discuss with this with us when we are setting up your services. 

Commonwealth Home Support Program Entry level care

Fees and Prices within the Home Care Package

All aged care providers operate within the same fee structure, charging two management fees:

  • Care management fee - This fee will covers the cost of your dedicated Case Manager who will work with you to understand your goals and needs and ensure your package is working the best for you. They will be your first point of contact for whenever you need anything. 
  • Package management - This fee covers the administrative and compliance costs to provide the package.

The cost of care and services Bethanie deliver to you, as well as the package management and care management fees we charge are paid directly to us from your subsidy and the fees you pay.

Home Care Packages out of pocket charges 

These fees may be an additional contribution:

Basic daily fee

If you require care and services that are not covered withing the Home Care Package budget, then you will be required to contribute to the cost of those additional services. This can be discussed with Bethanie as we develop your tailored service plan. 

Income tested fee

The income tested care fee is an extra contribution that some people pay, as determined though an income assessment. This fee is different for everyone, and based on your individual income, including your pension. However, full pensioners, and people with an income of up to $32,331 do not pay an income tested care fee. 

If you are a self-funded retiree or receive a non-means tested pension (such as a Blind Person pension) then you will need your income assessed to determine how much you will need to pay (if anything) towards your Home Care Package. 


Download our fee schedule here

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