Who We Are

Who We Are

Bethanie is a leading not-for-profit, aged care provider based in Western Australia. Founded in 1954, Bethanie empowers ageing Australians to lead their most meaningful lives by providing environments that compel purpose, activate communities, progress research and education, and support mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

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Our Mission

Bethanie’s mission is to demonstrate the love of God by positively changing the way Australians experience ageing — every customer, every family, every community, every day.

This mission has been driving Bethanie for nearly 70 years, and has taught our organisation the transformative power of being guided by purpose. We believe that’s what makes us truly different. Like other providers, we strive to deliver the fundamentals: fantastic safety, care, and support; but we’re also driven to go further, understand our people and support their interests, and empower ageing Australians to lead their most meaningful lives.

This is the Bethanie Way -  driving meaningful lives, powered by purpose.

Our Story

At Bethanie, we believe everyone is a valued member of society. We see ageing Australians as dynamic people who’ve led (and should continue to lead) interesting, purposeful and fulfilling lives. Because science (and life) tells us that true happiness comes from feeling valued. From being given the opportunity to meaningfully contribute, to give back, and to share with others.

For our residents and our communities, this may mean helping to raise grandchildren, expressing self creatively, contributing to community groups, continuing to enjoy lifelong passions, or simply just laughing with those they love.  No one should lose the right to meaningful experiences as they age, and the world shouldn’t be deprived of what they have to offer.

By starting with an understanding of each of our resident’s meaning and intention, and working as peers to better enable them, we’re creating environments where lives aren’t filled, they’re full.

Our Signature Behaviours

  1. We deliver all of our services the way we would like them to be delivered to ourselves
  2. We promote all Bethanie services and products with integrity and enthusiasm
  3. We take ownership for all our actions and responsibilities
  4. We demonstrate that we are the best at what we do
  5. We treat everyone with respect and compassion
  6. We communicate clearly in an honest and transparent manner

These are the things that make the Bethanie difference.

Mission in action

Bethanie is unique by design. See how we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

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