Existing Tenants

Existing Tenants

As a community housing provider, Bethanie works in partnership with the State Government, other community housing providers and support services. We offer a range of affordable rental housing options for seniors and pensioners including apartments, townhouses and villas throughout Perth and the South West.

Find out what Bethanie Housing expects from you as tenants and what you can expect from us below. If you have any questions you can reach out on 131 151

Policies and procedures

The Rental Policy Manual is a consolidated policy document comprising our internal policies developed to ensure compliance with the Housing Authority’s policies on tenant Income and Assets Eligibility, Allocations and Rent setting. Compliance with the Housing Authority Policies is a contractual obligation for registered housing providers. The policy defines the maximum amounts of assets and income that a community is allowed to have in order to qualify for community housing. It also outlines the mechanism prescribed by the Housing Authority to be employed to allocate vacant properties, and the method employed to calculate the rent payable.

Eligibility, Allocation & Rent Setting Manual

The Complaints, Reviews and Appeals Manual is a set of policies outlining the standards governing and the way in which Bethanie Housing is dealing with Complaints, Reviews and Appeals against tenancy termination decisions. It also provides for the management of complaints data and the protection of whistleblowers.

Bethanie Housing Complaints, Reviews and Appeals Policy

This policy outlines the principles and methods in accordance with which Bethanie Housing is dealing with potential disruptive behaviour manifestations by tenants.

Disruptive Behaviour Policy

This Manual comprises a variety of policy positions regarding the way Bethanie Housing staff is engaging with tenants to monitor and improve the quality of services provided to tenants. Among other elements, it provides for the establishment and functioning of Tenant Advisory Group and their strategic directions of activity.

Tenant Engagement and Community Building Manual

This policy outlines Bethanie Housing Ltd’s approach to fostering and promoting sustainable tenancies.

Sustainable Tenancies Policy

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