About Aged Care Homes

About Aged Care Homes

Our sense of purpose is critical to wellbeing, no matter your age. That’s why we believe in creating aged care homes that promote individuality, nurture self-worth, and ensure lives aren’t just filled - they’re full.

What are Aged Care Homes?

Life at our Aged Care Homes revolves around you. This is your home and we strive to make each day happy and fulfilling so you can continue to live a rich, rewarding and enjoyable life. 

But how do you know moving into a Bethanie Aged Care Home is right for you or your loved one? Like any important life decision, it is best made when you have all the information.

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Some things that you could easily manage when you were younger may now seem a little more difficult.  We’ll respect your unique story and show you the dignity your life deserves. We endeavour to make each day happy and fulfilling so you or your loved one can continue to enjoy a rich, rewarding and enjoyable life.

Why choose Bethanie? 

Our 14 Aged Care Homes, located across popular suburbs in Perth and regional Western Australia, provide a safe and social environment for older Australians requiring 24-hour care. Each home is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your needs, whilst providing a home-like environment that can be enjoyed with family and friends. 

Our aged care services are also there to provide support and help you stay physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually active.

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