About Community Housing

About Community Housing

Bethanie Housing Ltd (BHL) offers Community Housing, otherwise known as social housing, to people on low or very low incomes, and to those who are vulnerable to homelessness.

As the fourth largest community housing provider in WA, BHL manages 502 properties in Perth and the Southwest, offering medium to larger complexes where support can be provided towards tenant initiatives, community activities and small businesses.  Our properties provide homes to nearly 600 people across 21 sites, ranging in size from three to 196 units per site. 

Why Bethanie Housing

BHL really sets itself apart from other housing providers by developing and managing multiple social housing tenancies within the one development, which creates social communities for tenants to thrive.

For example, one development with 196 units includes community facilities to support activity (bowling green, pool tables, art room, library, gym etc) and sole trader businesses (a café and hair and beauty salon). These developments provide the opportunity for tenants to be independent, empowered, and to socialise with other tenants whom they can relate with.

Bethanie Housing also has agreements with affiliate groups to provide wrap-around services to their tenants. Organisations like Vinnies, Salvation Army, local legal providers, counselling services and educational programs are all connected for the benefit of our tenants.

Bethanie Housing believes that these additional measures help to create a thriving community, where tenants can live, learn, and grow.

Read the Bethanie Housing Customer Service Charter

Housing Eligibility Perth WA

Community housing is available to people whose income and asset holdings meet certain criteria as defined by the Department of Communities (DoC).

Bethanie Housing allocates homes to people through the DoC Joint Waitlist. To be considered, applicants are required to register with the DoC and to tick ‘yes’ to the option to be housed by a community housing provider.

Your first step is to visit housing.wa.gov.au and check your eligibility for seniors housing. Once there, you can access application forms. All applications will be assessed by the Department of Communities. Once your eligibility is confirmed, your name will be placed on the Joint Wait List. This list is managed by the Community Housing providers and DOH.

Applicants must meet the assets test and not hold assets over a certain amount. The DoC’s current asset limits are listed here .

Emergency Housing

Bethanie Housing works with a range of partners who may be able to assist if you require an Emergency Housing Placement.

Apply for Social Housing

Apply for Social Housing

To apply for social housing, complete the Department of Communities Application Form which can be accessed on the department’s website. 

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What happens next?

What happens next?

All Community Housing Providers can make an offer of accommodation from the Joint Wait List. When a property becomes available at Bethanie, our friendly Housing Management Team will contact you to discuss rental options and they will assist you with all the necessary paperwork. 

Read Eligibility, Allocation & Rent Setting Manual

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