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Get Started

We get ageing

Bethanie has been caring for older West Australians for nearly 70 years, providing exceptional services across Home Care, Retirement Villages and Aged Care Homes.

As a Mission-led organisation, Bethanie empowers ageing Australians to lead their most meaningful lives.  We are passionate about delivering individualised care to our residents and clients, providing environments that compel purpose, activate communities, progress research and education, and support mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

But we know that finding your way through the aged care process can be challenging, and we want to help.

As an industry leader, we’ve put in place some great tools to help you navigate the system, from accessing funding and understanding your options for care, right through to welcoming your first home care service or buying into a retirement village.

Our Aged Care Navigation Specialist (ACNS) is your first port of call. These highly trained specialists have the answers to all your burning aged care questions, including:

  • How do I qualify for some help at home?
  • How can I get myself into my Village of choice?
  • What is a RAD and a DAP and how do I know if I need them?
  • Can I even afford to move into residential care?

Best of all, our ACNS can accompany you on your journey through the whole process - from making that first phone call to be assessed for funding right through to moving into your new Bethanie home. Think of them as your personal valet.

Step 1: What you need to know

Bethanie has produced a series of short animated videos designed to guide you through the simple steps to get you started.  

Learn about how to begin the process with myagedcare, being assessed and getting your affairs in order.  Because it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Step 2: What's the difference between services

Understand the difference between the types of services available and which one might be the best fit for you.  Hear about the advantages of each service and understand the benefits.

Step 3: Look at what service is right for you

Ask yourself some questions to decide on what is the most suitable service type for you.

  • How independent are you?  
  • Do you want to stay at home or is a Village a great choice for you?  
  • Do you need a little more support but think residential care isn’t for you?

We’ve been industry experts for nearly 70 years and we’ve seen a lot of changes in that time.  But the goal has always remained the same; we want the best support for you, in the location you prefer and surrounded by people you trust.

So whether you’re looking for you, your Mum, your best friend or your favourite Uncle Dave, Bethanie’s ACNS team is the best place to start.

Let Bethanie help you. After all, we get ageing so let us help you make the best decision for you.

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Aged Care

When it’s time for more help, Bethanie offers high quality care delivered by the most kind and passionate people.

If you need some support you can reach out to our friendly team today 131 151 or  

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