Gina finds security in Bethanie Dalyellup’s housing community

Publish date: 19 August 2021

This month, we celebrate 10-years of Bethanie Housing at our Peel and Dalyellup sites, our community housing service which provides senior West Australians with safe and affordable homes.

We have taken the time to get to know some of the residents who have lived with us during this time and are humbled by the impact the Bethanie community has had in their retirement.

Gina Bradbury was the third person to move into the Bethanie Dalyellup Community Housing complex, and one of the community’s biggest advocates.

For over 20-years, Gina worked as the very first Ward Clerk on the Medical Ward at Bunbury Regional Hospital. During her working life, she always rented privately, but as she became older, she no longer felt safe and secure.

These anxious feelings were heightened when Gina started losing her sight due to macular degeneration about seven years ago.

“It all happened at the right time, I moved into Dalyellup at a similar time to becoming visually impaired – the security of the site and the close-knit community makes me feel very safe.”

Gina says that she doesn’t need any additional support, as her neighbours all look out for each other, and she has family and friends living just nearby.

“The unit is so well designed. I can still manage the unit and keep it clean, all while maintaining my independence.”

“Being close to local shops and chemists along with the support I receive at Bethanie are among the best things about living here.”

Gina is responsible for disbursing the laundry tokens, a job she has been doing for the whole 10-years she has lived there. She loves this job as it gives her the opportunity to check-in with her neighbours and meet new people.

Gina said, “I’m not afraid to be on my own here, before I moved into Bethanie Dalyellup, I used to be terrified with the weather, the lack of security in renting and being broken into. My family are also relieved that I am in a safe and secure place with a wonderful community.”

Gina now enjoys spending time with her three children, seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. She also goes to ten-pin bowling each week, with her beloved team the ‘Golden Girls’.

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