“I couldn’t live at home without help”

Publish date: 20 April 2021

Born in Germany, Marianne Paine has lived a life of endless experiences and travel. Having lived in America to travelling to Botswana, South Africa, England and Sudan, just to name a few, Marianne has travelled to almost every continent around the globe. Australia has remained her favourite destination and moved here in 1973.

Her fondest memory of her travels was when she was flying from Beirut too Baghdad. Two veiled women were sitting opposite her in the airport and suddenly lifted their veil’s and started smoking.

“I had never seen anything so funny in my life,” she said.

Marianne’s husband worked for the United Nations as a vet and parasitologist, allowing Marianne to care for their daughter. Many locations where her husband worked had associations for women, however Marianne was kept busy teaching herself how to weave. This was a great hobby until taking the loom with her around the world became quite difficult.

Marianne continued her love for weaving and joined a local Bunbury weaving group for 13 years. She is sadly unable to weave anymore due to arthritis, but a loom and many other antiques from around the world remain in her home that tell a story about her and her family’s life.

“I’ve been told I live in a museum, but I don’t think that’s quite true, but they all tell a story,” Marianne said.

Bethanie Home Care has been a part of Marianne’s life for the past 15 years, following the passing of her husband in 2004.

Marianne says that without Bethanie’s Home Care services, she wouldn’t have been able to remain living independently in the same home of 29 years.

“If I didn’t have Bethanie, I would not be able to live by myself in my own home ,” she said.
Home Care allows Marianne to continue doing the things she loves- crossword puzzles and playing on the computer! With a quick phone call, a Bethanie volunteer takes Marianne to appointments, cleans her house, irons and cooks for her. Her daughter living close by in Ballingup means support and a friendly face isn’t far away!

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