“Life’s too short to be boring”: Keren’s story

Publish date: 26 July 2021

At Bethanie, whether you are a Home Care customer, Village or Aged Care resident, we believe that life is for living.

It’s because of Bethanie’s Home Care services that Keren McCullagh can live her life to the fullest in her motorised wheelchair.

Stepping into Keren’s charming Federation-style home is like stepping into an art gallery. Her home is filled with heirlooms and antiques collected over the years - each piece telling a story.

Of all the things she collects, Keren’s particular interest is in cross stitch samplers, with her oldest sampler being 200 years.

She said samplers were originally known by the French word essamplaire for the variety of stitches that can be performed by nimble fingers.

“Everything in a sampler tells a story,” she said.

Her passion for art and volunteering has taken her to a variety of roles including working at the Art Gallery of WA, Save the Children, where she was State Manager for 15 years, and Churchill Trust.

Nowadays, Keren spends some time sewing and cross stitching, but also enjoys going out and exploring Perth.

“I try and have an adventure everyday – there’s just so much to do in Perth and surrounds,” Keren said.

“Life is too short to be boring.”

The care that Keren receives from Bethanie’s Home Care team has allowed her to not only stay in the home she’s lived in for the past 30 years, but also stay in touch with her friends, family and community.

Bethanie’s Home Care services ensures you have the care and assistance you need to maintain your independence and do the things you love in the comfort of your own home.

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