Ross and Mary – intentional activity

Publish date: 24 May 2023

Ross and Mary intentional activity

Ross Boaden was always active in his working life, and took that philosophy equally into retirement, but a devastating slip on icy ground put him in a wheelchair and a changed approach to daily life.

Following 15 years in the air force, and another 15 years in WA’s north operating an electric shovel, Ross ran a TyrePower store in Mandurah until his retirement. But while on holidays in New Zealand in 2007 Ross slipped as he stepped onto some icy grass from his camper trailer, and a bad break in his ankle forced him and his wife of 46 years Mary, to think about the next phase of their life.

"We moved to Bethanie Esprit in 2016 because it had a good-sized swimming pool and we knew we’d use it,” said Ross.

“And once I was on my feet again I was determined to keep mobile and independent.”
A car crash in 2022 saw some more broken bones but it made the couple more determined than ever to stay fit and active.

They have a daily routine of exercise that they complete without any excuse. Mary walks every morning and Ross usually goes to the club house gym for a personal-program workout. Every night they walk to the village pool where they walk and swim together and they go to the local leisure centre for water aerobics three times a week

“Exercising is the point,’ said ex-nurse Mary. “It’s very intentional and non-negotiable”.
“We eat well, and we keep our weight down, and we purposefully plan for health and wellbeing.”

Their son George and two grandchildren live close by in Bunbury and they take pleasure in being able to enjoy family time, which is largely due to their fitness.

“I have a stick which I occasionally need to use, but I know that by keeping fit and active I am avoiding that as much as possible; that’s good motivation,” said Ross.
“If we don’t go forwards, we go backwards.”

And there is no chance of that for this incredible, positive couple.

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