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Assisting Carers To Take A Break

Are you a carer? Do you provide unpaid care and support to someone with a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness or who are frail aged?

Did you know that over 2.9 million Australians support a family member or friend, saving the Australian community more than $60 billion per year? In Western Australia alone, there is an estimated 320,000 unpaid carers.

This year National Carers Week will be celebrated between 13-19 October. Our focus for the week will be on the health and well-being of carers. Bethanie promotes the uptake of respite care that enables the carer to ‘take a break’ and regain their sense of self by caring for themselves.

Carers often ignore their own health. Taking a break is essential to physical and emotional health and well-being and being able to continue to care in the long term. Sadly, a common reason for someone entering permanent care is carer stress.

If you are a carer and need a break, Bethanie has many offerings for respite care. Depending on eligibility, you may choose to have the person you care for attend a Bethanie Wellness Centre for few hours a day, giving you time out to have a rest, go out or attend to family and business. We also offer in-home respite where a support worker will spend time at the home of the person you care for while you have some time for yourself. Residential respite is another option where the person you care for can be admitted short-term to one of our aged care homes while you take a longer break - maybe a vacation with your family or friends.

Whichever option, you’ll be guaranteed of providing the best possible care of your loved one, by balancing your physical and emotional health and well-being with that of the person you support. You will be rewarded with the comfort and knowledge that you have done your best to keep them where they want to be, for as long as possible.

For information on how to access respite care, visit the My Aged Care website or call our friendly team on 131 151 and find out how Bethanie can help you.

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