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ANZAC Day around Bethanie

Bethanie honoured the service and sacrifice of our veterans and serving Defence personnel in special ANZAC Day services within our Aged Care Homes, at home in driveway services, a moving performance of the Last Post by one of our staff member’s son as well as a poem recital of ‘ANZAC Day 100 years’, written by George McArdle.

ANZAC Day 100 years

by George McArdle, a resident at Bethanie Kingsley Aged Care Home (and Bethanie Life Expert)

A Hundred years ago today
They volunteered their souls
To go and fight on foreign soils
And reach forbidden goals
The Innocence, the uniform
That turned boys into men
The rifles and the billycan
That won’t come back again
Their love for Aussie country style
Where this great land is free
And youth gives off a timid smile
For all the world to see
Through brave, they were in battle dress
Many left on the blood-soaked sand
Whilst the padre seeks the souls to bless
Who have lost their own homeland
What has it proved that medals were won
And a hundred years have passed as long as man can hold a gun
It surely won't be the last

Here are just some of the photos below.

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