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Bethanie’s ‘Super Six’ return safely from Victorian aged care battleground

Members of Bethanie’s COVID-19 volunteer taskforce, called the Outbreak Response Team, have returned to Perth safely after being deployed to Melbourne as part of the Government’s National Aged Care Emergency Response (NACER) Program.

After receiving a request from the Federal Government to assist aged care homes struggling with staff shortages in Melbourne, six members from the Outbreak Response Team volunteered to be mobilised and deployed to Melbourne for four weeks.

The six members, dubbed as the ‘Super Six’, were the first NACER deployment to go out and return home safely with no positive cases of COVID-19.

Bethanie CEO Chris How said it was a privilege to be able to have the resources to support struggling aged care homes in Victoria.

“I am proud of our six volunteers who selflessly gave up their time away from family and friends to help our counterparts over in Victoria,” Mr How said.

“We are all in this fight together to help vulnerable older Australians receive the quality care they need.”

Bethanie’s Outbreak Response team was developed as part of Bethanie’s COVID-19 preparations. They are equipped with the skills necessary to manage a potential outbreak of COVID-19 in any one of Bethanie’s 12 Aged Care Homes. Bethanie coordinated the team of volunteers from its existing Residential team.

The Outbreak Response Team comprises of 42 volunteers who undertook a five-week intensive training course which included understanding military principles, leadership development, utilisation of appropriate PPE and identification of clinical deterioration.

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