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There is no good time for a renovation! I write this amid a renovation myself, with kids farmed out to grandparents, the house pretty much all packed in boxes with dust everywhere. No kitchen, no flooring, no bedrooms and no lounge room. Our renovation was going to be in two years’ time, but when COVID-19 hit and knowing a couple of builder friends struggling because of restrictions caused by the pandemic, we decided to help small businesses out and renovate now.

As I touch dusty surfaces, as I need something that is in a box which is packed at the very back of a big pile of boxes, as I go to say good night to my children only to remind myself that they are at their grandparents, I reiterate ‘there is no good time for a renovation!’, but my wife and some close friends keep reminding me and say: ‘but wait ‘til it is finished; it will be great and remember you’ve been wanting to do this for years’.

All my renovation grumblings remind me of life in 2020 – pandemic, restrictions, change - all point to the phrase ‘there is no good time for a pandemic’. At this time, we really need to look to the future and remind ourselves to wait ‘til it is finished - there will be reacquainting of family, friends and places. We will find freedom again and we will see a form of normality.

Whilst it is somewhat out of context, my thoughts remind me of a passage from 2 Corinthians 5:17 -The old has gone the new is here!

If you need support during the current restrictions, please reach out to our chaplaincy team and remember that the journey is not finished yet.

David van Leen

Bethanie Mission Manager

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