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Cuppa And Chat

Bethanie Home Care client Lucy Rock lives at home with confidence thanks to a little extra help from home care worker Catherine Ross. Connect sat down with them for a cuppa and chat to find out what makes them such a great team.

Lucy says

What made you decide to get home help? The lady who lived opposite my daughter had Bethanie come and visit her at home. I was struggling to do things. I needed domestic help to start with and it got bigger from there. I didn’t know I could have help with a lot of things. It’s strange at first having someone come into your home and do stuff for you. But you get over it and you get on with it.

Tell me about your first impression of Catherine? I just liked her right from the start. I could see how much she cared and that won me over. She could tell when I was having a funny turn even before I knew I was having it.

What do you like most about Catherine? I like everything about her. She is like a daughter to me. Some people need to learn to be compassionate. Catherine is the way she is because her mum taught her how to be caring and compassionate.

What are some of the ways she looks after you? She is always a comfort for me. She helps me all the time. I was using the walking frame before Catherine, but I don’t need it anymore. We meal prep together and I love our social days. I would never have gone to a café before Catherine took me.

What’s the best thing about having Catherine provide in-home care for you? Before Catherine came, I was very depressed. She has made such a difference in my life. She has made me get on with living, I’ve gone from existing to living. Having Catherine, I’ve been able to stay at home longer.

Catherine says

Tell me about your first impression of Lucy? My first impression of Lucy was she was very quiet and unsure of new people around her. It took me about two months to earn Lucy’s trust – and that’s the big thing I was looking for. That’s important for any client.

How do you help Lucy at home? I help with domestic duties, we meal prep together for the week ahead and we go on social visits. I don’t go into a client’s home and do things my way, instead I ask, ‘how do you want the floors mopped?’ Just because I’m coming in to help, doesn’t mean the client needs to lose their independence.

What makes Lucy unique? I would say Lucy’s determination. Whether it is puppy-proofing the backyard or walking extra distances than normal, when Lucy puts her mind to it, she accomplishes what she sets out to do.

What does Lucy like to do best? Once a fortnight we have a cheeky iced chocolate. Lucy must keep her sugars down so it’s our special sweet treat. Our theory is we visit the chemist, newsagent, stop and have an iced chocolate, then we burn it off doing the food shopping.

What’s the best thing about caring for Lucy? Seeing how far she has come. Not just physically but the confidence she is building. I never wake up and don’t want to do what I’m doing. To hear Lucy say she’s gone from existing to living, for me and my job that’s amazing, it means I’m doing the right thing.

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