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“I live in Buckingham Palace”: resident Dorothy Jean Ball loves life at Bethanie Como.

This month, March 2021, marks one year since the Como aged care home became part of the Bethanie community. Over the year, we have spent our time getting to know our residents and the wonderful lives they lived before coming to Bethanie Como.

One of our lovely residents, Dorothy Jean Ball, has a very infectious zest for life. Her story started in the south-west of Perth in Albany, where she was born, went to school and met the love of her life, Roy.

For these two love birds – it was absolutely love at first site.

Dorothy was the organist and pianist at her local Church, and Roy, a newcomer to town, did the maintenance.

As a very successful carpenter and builder, Roy was asked to support the build of the Albany hospital. While completing the project, Roy decided he liked the place so much that he decided to stay.

Roy and Dorothy got married and enjoyed life as a real team. They did everything together. They started a family, built a successful business and enjoyed travelling to all corners of the globe whenever they could.

“We really did share the most wonderful life. We where always happy, always busy and always together,” said Dorothy.

In her younger years, Dorothy worked at a pharmacy and loved her work.

“I never went to University, I just learnt everything while on the job! It was such fun, and I made so many friends while working,” Dorothy said.

The couple eventually moved Roy’s business up to Perth.

“Eventually I retired from my pharmacy work and ended up helping him. I did everything! I carried timber up onto rooftops, helped shovel sand – the whole works!” Dorothy said.

Eventually, due to a number of health complications, Roy passed away.

“Roy was every inch a hard-working, reliable, happy and content man. He was absolutely perfect in every way,” said Dorothy.

Dorothy soon recognised a need to down-size to a safe community where she would be cared for as she got older. This is how she ended up at Bethanie Como.

“My daughter came and had a look around and said ‘Mum, this is the place for you!’ and she certainly wasn’t wrong,” Dorothy said.

“I feel like I live at Buckingham Palace!”

Dorothy is known to be a real socialite around the Bethanie Como community. She participates in all the activities and has made many friends.

“I am safe and happy which is most important.”

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