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Keeping healthy at home

During these uncertain times, eating the right mix of foods is crucial for health, particularly when the immune system may need to fight back.

This is a time to honour our bodies through good nutrition, keep all systems functioning fabulously, ensure we protect our health and well-being and to help build our defence against winter germs.

Here are five hearty eating tips for home isolation from the Heart Foundation:

Plan ahead but don't hoard

Supermarkets will stay open but in order to minimise risk, stock up your pantry so that you reduce the amount of times you leave the home.

Fresh, canned or frozen – ensure a mix

Frozen fruit and vegetables can be as nutritious as fresh and canned are a perfectly healthy option provided you chose vegetables with the no added salt, low salt or reduced salt and choose fruit in juice rather than syrup.

Healthy heart proteins

Chose heart healthy proteins such as fish and seafood or canned salmon and tuna. Lean chicken and eggs are a healthy protein choice with red meat limited to no more than three times per week.

Set routine mealtimes and choose healthy snacks

Avoid snacking by establishing a mealtime routine. Snack on healthy nutritious food such as dried fruit and unsalted nuts.

Increase your skills in the kitchen

Use this time at home to learn to cook, to brush up on your skills or experiment with recipes from different cultures. Why not try some heart healthy recipes by clicking on the following link -

Plus, don't forget to maintain your fluid intake. Teas with herbs and spices or fruit infused water can make consuming eight glasses of water daily more interesting.

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