Ageing in place is most important for Bethanie Peel Community Housing resident.

Publish date: 26 August 2021

This month, we celebrate 10-years of Bethanie Housing at our Peel and Dalyellup sites, our community housing service which provides senior West Australians with safe and affordable homes.

We have taken the time to get to know some of the residents who have lived with us during this time and are humbled by the impact the Bethanie community has had in their retirement.
One of these is Richard Linton. Richard has called Bethanie Peel home for the past decade.
During his life, Richard worked in the navy in his younger years, and later on worked with Rio Tinto building the mining railways. Having always led an active life, ageing in place was the most important thing for Richard.

“I came to Bethanie in search of a community that supported independent living. After my wife passed away, it was very important that I found somewhere that would allow me to age in place.”

While Richard doesn’t need any additional support in the home now, he is aware that this may change in the future and feels secure knowing he is somewhere that will support him when the time comes.

“My favourite things about living here include the nice and peaceful surroundings, the management team on-site, good security and above all, the independence my home allows.”
“I am close to everything I need. I can walk to the shopping centre, to the doctor and to the social activities I enjoy.”

If Richard could pass one on piece of advice to anyone in a similar position to him, it would be to ensure you plan ahead to ensure you are able to age in place for as long as possible.
“Ensure you set yourself up for safe independence before it is to late.”

For more information on Bethanie Community Housing, please visit our website at or call 131 151.

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