Arts and Craft Gala at Peel Community Housing

Publish date: 14 November 2023

A heart-warming celebration unfolded at the Peel Community Housing auditorium as members from Community Housing, Aged Care Home, and Social Centres gathered for a spectacular Arts and Craft Gala.

Over 100 guests joined us for this fabulous occasion, including the Honourable David Templeman MLA (Member for Mandurah), who expressed gratitude to all attendees for contributing to the rich tapestry of Australian stories.

This event marked a significant milestone as the first big gathering post-COVID, where it revealed the hidden artistic gems within our community. In honour of Senior's Week, Bethanie showcased the incredible talents of our residents and community members, which otherwise don’t have the opportunity to be displayed.

The auditorium was transformed into an art haven, adorned with the beautiful crafts created by our talented residents.

On addressing guests, Bethanie Housing CEO Shane Ogilvie acknowledged the value of our innovative housing model, which supports tenants and creates meaningful connections.

“Our first step is to actively engage with our tenants to understand their needs and preferences,” said Shane.

“This is achieved through events like these - we organise activities, community events, workshops, and meetings that promote social interaction and cohesion.”

Amidst the festivities, guests enjoyed a delightful light lunch and appreciated a wonderful didgeridoo performance. Together with the local Prime Movers – three of our own from Bethanie – our guests had a fantastic day of culture and community.

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