Bethanie appoints Roulé Jones to Chief Executive Officer

Publish date: 2 July 2024

The Bethanie Group is pleased to announce the permanent appointment of Roulé Jones as Chief Executive Officer. 

As Interim CEO since October 2023, Roulé impressed The Board with financial proficiency, thoughtful strategic direction, and expertise in fostering relationships with key stakeholders.

“Roule’s appointment consolidates a period of transition where we have focussed on Mission-led behaviour across our communities in order to deliver person-centred care,” said Board Chair Diana Forsyth.

“Roulé has strategically led the organisation in optimising operations during this transition period, addressing day-to-day and challenging circumstances with grace, dignity, and capability.”

“We are fortunate to have a leader of Roule’s acumen to guide us in this current and unprecedented transition in aged care in Australia.”

Roulé acknowledged the Board and her wider team for her support.  The success of this position is testament to the excellent Executive and leadership team I have around me.

“I look forward to continuing our work together in ensuring our Mission is aligned with our person-centred care and with the way we treat each other.

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