Bethanie Como Aged Care Home partners with Sensed to provide residents living with dementia with sensory blankets.

Publish date: 27 October 2021

Bethanie Como collaborated with Sensed, a youth-run not-for-profit to provide residents living with dementia at Bethanie Como Aged Care Home with sensory blankets.

Sensory activities have been proven to support individuals living with dementia to make more meaningful connections with memories from their past.

This connection helps residents to properly engage with the activity at hand, which stimulates feelings of comfort, security and improves overall wellbeing

Bethanie Como Aged Care Home Clinical Nurse Manager, Jane Case, said: “These blankets have been so well-received by those that reside in our dementia care wing. They include so many sensations, colours and textures to appeal to all the senses. These blankets help unlock memories and they stimulate more meaningful conversation among the residents – which is fantastic to see!”

Jane said the blankets have been a fantastic addition to Bethanie’s comprehensive and holistic dementia care program.

Sensed partners with various schools around Western Australia, as well as the WA quilting Association, for the creation of the sensory blankets. Each blanket comprises of nine squares of fabric that are quilted together in a three by three formation. The squares are beautifully decorated with a variety of zips, pockets and various materials to incorporate different textures to touch and play with

Sensed Project Officer, Magdalene Soh, said Sensed grew from a small project team at the University of Western Australia.

Now, Sensed partners with schools, community groups and dementia care facilities with the aim of improving the livelihood and wellbeing of individuals living with dementia

Magdalene said: “Dementia effects over 500,000 individuals in Australia, and over 50 million people worldwide. Unfortunately, many of these people are confined to their beds due to the symptoms they are faced with. The aim of our blankets, with varying textures and sensations, is to provide comfort and stimulation to these individuals.”

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