Bethanie Dalyellup opens to happy residents

Publish date: 12 May 2023

Bethanie Dalyellup was officially opened on 10 May with around 80 guests hearing from speakers including the Minister, the Hon Don Punch MLA and the Shire of Capel’s President Mr Doug Kitchen.

But the most important guests at the event were the residents of the state-of-the-art $28 million new facility, including the very first resident to move into the home, Mrs Angela Jenkins who cut the ceremonial cake and commented that everything was ‘marvellous’.

The 120-bed centre, which features an intergenerational exercise and play area, café, bar, hairdresser, wellness rooms, and a large multipurpose room, comprises six separate ‘houses’, each creating their own sense of character and community. All six houses can be separated for enhanced infection control if required.

Bethanie Chief Executive Officer Chris How commented on the importance of options for seniors and the ageing in the South West, with Bethanie actively providing solutions for aged care , villages , affordable housing and for community with its multi-pronged approach.

Diana Forsyth, Bethanie’s Board Director spoke to the value of our seniors and providing them with dignity and care in a particularly challenging time across the sector.

In officially declaring the home open, Minister Punch echoed the value of community in ageing, and praised Bethanie for engaging heavily with the community in design and workforce throughout the development.

Guests were taken on guided tours throughout parts of the home, and provided information on the range of innovation and safety features, as well as recreational and shared spaces for community living.

“The exercise and play area is a significant feature and provides a welcoming area for families to visit their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents,” said Chris How.

“As the first intergenerational play space in the south-west, we hope that the space will attract visitors from around the region, and truly integrate the site as a communal area for all people to enjoy.

“Come for coffee and some play in the outdoors and engage with our lovely residents who in turn will benefit from community visitors; it’s a win-win.”

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