Co-location convenience: "The stress is less"

Publish date: 29 September 2021

Denise with less stress

The decision to move into a retirement village can be challenging, but sometimes a situation necessitates people to reconsider their living options.

This was the case for Denise and Barry, who moved from their home in Joondalup for both security and personal reasons.

“We wished to downsize as my husband began to experience Parkinson’s and it was suggested we come to Beachside as there is a co-located aged care home next door which could benefit us both in the later years” Denise said.

Denise has come a long way from her life in Zimbabwe. One of her criteria for choosing a retirement village was that it had to have some resemblance to her outdoor, nature-filled life in Zimbabwe.

It was Denise’s daughter that initially brought them to visit Bethanie Beachside after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper. Denise and Barry instantly fell in love with the picturesque location close to the beach and national park.

The modern and new villa suited Barry and Denise with the ease of driving or walking to nearby locations, including one of their favourite places ‘The Lagoon’ where they enjoy a coffee and overseeing the tranquil coastline.

“My favourite moments are driving down to the lagoon and getting a coffee,” she said.
For the warm and friendly person that she is, Denise’s favourite part about living in a retirement village is the social aspect. She says that there is always something to do and people to talk to wherever you go at Bethanie Beachside.

“I love the social aspect. All I have to do is walk over the road and there is always company,” Denise said.

Denise has enjoyed learning lawn bowls and it is a fun highlight of her week and the men’s shed has been a haven for Barry.

The village activities including bowls, darts, swimming pool and Friday evening gatherings are always much fun and the occasional Sunday roast are a big hit at the village.
But her favourite part has been the peace of mind that the village offers her.

“The biggest thing for us and relocating was the peace of mind and security the village offers, with less stress and always someone around to provide a helping hand,” Denise said.

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