Downsize delight

Publish date: 10 September 2021

Noel and Glenda

Living in Balga for 50 years brought many wonderful memories to Glenda, who loves her garden and being around nature. Now, living at Bethanie Beachside Village, continues to bring her and her husband, Noel, new memories, and they couldn’t be happier about that.
“Noel and I were thinking about downsizing for quite a while which is why we decided to look into retirement villages in the first place,” Glenda said.

The couple also owned a caravan at the time of moving into Bethanie Beachside, which they were able to securely park on site. However, this was not the main deciding factor for them moving into the village.

“When we came to visit we ran into one of the residents here and he called us in for a cup of tea and said the villa we which we are now living in, was vacant,” Noel said.

“We managed to have a look and loved the view outside the villa which was all nature and that was what sold us – the outlook from the villa, amenities, and you’re only five minutes from the beach,” Noel said.

The couple had all intentions to go travelling in their caravan as soon as they downsized, but that all changed when they settled into Bethanie Beachside.

“After living here for a few months, Noel sold the caravan,” Glenda said.
“He said he had everything he wanted here – the shed, lawn bowls, pool.”
“Everyday is a holiday here,” Noel said.

Noel and Glenda have no regrets moving into Beachside Village and only wished they had done it sooner.

“When we were living in Balga, I didn’t have any friends – no male companionship. Since I moved here, it’s a completely different story,” Noel said.
“You make a lot of friends because we’re like a family here.”
Their advice to other couples who are thinking of downsizing is to “take the plunge and you’ll never be sorry”.

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