Find freedom at Bethanie Peel

Publish date: 26 August 2021

This month, we celebrate 10-years of Bethanie Housing at our Peel and Dalyellup sites, our community housing service which provides senior West Australians with safe and affordable homes.

We have taken the time to get to know some of the residents who have lived with us during this time and are humbled by the impact the Bethanie community has had in their retirement.
One of these residents is Harold Lorek. At 91 years of age, Harold has all he needs to support his independence while living at Bethanie Peel Community Housing .

Harold was among the first residents to move into Bethanie Peel over a decade ago with his wife. After living in their family home for over 53 years, an illness meant that they could no longer maintain the gardens or the upkeep around the property.

With the help of their doctor, they found Bethanie Peel.

“Bethanie fitted our needs exactly,” said Harold.

“It has beautiful and spacious appointed living quarters, freedom to move around and use the facilities and has a friendly management team who are available to help whenever we need.”
For the first seven years of their time at Bethanie Peel, Harold was part of the tenants social committee and was the president twice during that time.

“I organised the bowling, and still take part when I can.”

Harold loves that he can remain close to everything he needs.

“Me and my gopher go shopping and visiting friends and family two to three times a week. Plus, I get cleaning support from the Bethanie Home Care service .”

“If I could give advice to anyone in a similar position to me it would be: follow in my footsteps! You will love it here at Bethanie Peel Community Housing!”

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