Home Care into Villages

Publish date: 14 June 2024

The Bethanie Home Care team launched a new and dedicated two-pronged service at Bethanie Waters Village recently with a community Coffee and Cannoli event.


Designed to offer a personalised and trusted service that fits into each Village, the home care team of regular Support Workers will spend dedicated time servicing Village clients and build those important relationships.


“We know that our clients and Support Workers form strong relationships which are a source of joy and are highly valued from both perspectives,” said General Manager – Home Care Helen Jones.


“So it’s vital that we create a team from a reliable roster of support that our clients will get to know and trust within their own homes.  This is our first distinguishing feature”.


The focussed team will be dedicated to their Village and their residents, and by being visually on site will naturally provide the opportunity for familiarity.


“Where a regular Support Worker is away then a replacement is likely to feel familiar to our clients, minimising concern or stress,” added Helen.


Additionally, each team member comes from the local community where they already have a relationship with the wider area. 


We also understand that there are times where you would really appreciate some clinical advice and support, and this is our second special feature” said Helen.


“If you are worried about anything more clinical, we will have a dedicated Registered Nurse available for calls or visits.  They will be on site much of the time, and always just a phone call away.”


“And while this doesn’t replace the need for regular check ins with your GP, or calling an ambulance for urgent care, it is an extra layer of reassurance.”


Bethanie Waters Village is the first to trial this new service from the Home Care team and everyone involved is looking forward to seeing what the positive impact will be for the community.


If you would benefit from some additional support at home, please call us on 131 151 to discuss your options.  Or visit our website here .

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