No slowing down for Josephine

Publish date: 28 February 2024

Josephine and Arthur Holland chose Bethanie Fields Retirement Village as their home in 2006, but the move in location and retirement didn’t slow them down for one moment!

Having led a busy life of community service in country WA, the couple signed up for Australian Volunteers Abroad and spent time in Papua New Guinea, teaching English as a second language, upgrading hygiene, and teaching subsistence farming. Josephine took over the running of a shop for the local people, teaching the locals about community business and micro-finance.

This sense of purpose and need to help others inspired the Bethanie Community Annual Fete and has kept it running for many years. So far, the fete has raised $120,000 with the money being used for projects agreed upon by the residents of Bethanie Fields.

“The fete would not have happened or continued without a powerhouse of enthusiasm and community commitment that drove Josephine,” said Village Manager Kelli Gillies.

“It takes a team to come together for a successful event, but Josephine’s leadership, humour, organisation patience, and drive position her as a leader in the community.”

Kelli nominated Josephine for an award, and on 26 January Josephine Holland was presented with the Senior Community Citizen of the Year 2024 from the Shire of Dardanup. Congratulations Josephine from all of us at Bethanie.

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