Nursing side by side for twenty years.

Publish date: 13 May 2024

Fran and Jolande met at the old Bunbury Nursing Home over 20 years ago, but could not have predicted their working relationship – and friendship – could possibly endure all these years.

When Bethanie Fields opened in 2004, Fran started there as a Careworker and later completed her studies to become an Enrolled Nurse.  Jolande followed soon after, working night shift as a Registered Nurse. 

Reflecting on the value of their history, Fran credits Jolande with her candour as a key part of their success.

“Jolande is always happy to discuss issues and is honest and up front, which I really appreciate,” she said.

“We have complete trust in each other and value the knowledge we each have in our own areas of specialty.  It’s a true team.”

Jolande is deeply admiring of Fran’s skill working with residents with dementia.

“It’s not a straight line in the dementia space, and Fran has worked so hard with her team and the families to understand each resident and find what makes them happiest,” Jolande said.

“The commitment and dedication towards her residents is like none I’ve seen; nothing is too much trouble, and she genuinely enjoys helping them live their best possible lives.”

What’s obvious is their natural connection, which undoubtedly comes from years of good communication and a common goal.

“We are still passionate after all these years and I think that’s the key,” said Fran.

“We genuinely care about the people in our care and will do everything we can to make them feel special and cared for.”

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