Short-Term Allied Health Reablement Track Program

Publish date: 5 January 2024

What is the START program? 

Bethanie’s Short-Term Allied Health Reablement Track (START) program supports residents with short term additional therapy in times of need.  It is available to residents with an acute need to optimise functional performance and wellbeing, offering a short-term allied health program that is goal directed, intensive and tailored to the individual person.

Residents are encouraged to access the usual therapy and activity programs at the same time while receiving additional support for a short burst of intense therapy.  The objective is to assist the resident to achieve their goal and discharge from the service, where long term maintenance therapy is achieved through the standard therapy and activity program. 

The START program may address acute needs in the areas of dementia support, wellbeing, pain or function where clinically indicated. 

Interventions delivered in the program may include:

  • Individualised, goal directed physiotherapy and occupational therapy programs adopting the principles of reablement.
  • Services offered in the standard therapy and activity program but at an increased dosage. 
  • Individualised and goal directed physiotherapy and occupational therapy interventions.
  • Restorative and/or compensatory therapy approaches.
  • Services delivered in a therapeutic group setting or individually. 
  • Services delivered in a purposefully created physical, sensory and social environment to support therapeutic outcomes. 
  • Services delivered using therapuetic modalities and/or specialised equipment.

Where is it available?

The START program is available at Bethanie Geneff and Bethanie Waters right now, with limited capability at other sites on request.  Please ask your Facility Manager if you would like more information or email the Allied Health Manager .

START program results

Some of the residents at Bethanie Gwelup have been utilising the START program, with excellent results.  Bev got successful treatment for debilitating dizziness, Merle plays her beloved piano and her wellbeing has improved, Joan is confident with steps again after being frightened for a long time, and Eke and Adele are regaining independence after a course of therapeutic paraffin wax treatment on their aching hands. Hear more about the START program and watch our residents’ stories here .

Bethanie START Program

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